Interaction Design / UI & UX 


MFA Products of Design, School of Visual Arts / Guidance from Allan Chochinov / Fall 2016


Fandora is an artificial intelligence application where users upload photos that represent their childhood memories. The app recognizes the physical objects in the photo and recreates them in a fantasy world using virtual reality technology. Fandora awakens your childhood fantasies to provide you with a safe space to explore your own creativity. 


With the prevalence of cameras, from smart phones to gaming devices, we can instantly capture any moment. Popular photo-sharing applications such as Instagram have
contributed to a digital environment where we are over-stimulated with photos and as a result, have become desensitized to their value. Fortunately, Fandora targets old photos that have memories and stories embedded in them and leverages social photo-sharing platforms to create an entirely new and revolutionary experience.

Daily experiences continue to shape who we are, incrementally changing our personalities with each passing day. Before we know it, we are unable to remember how we felt as little kids. Though we may want to revisit the psychological states of our childhood, there is no service that can help us. Other social media and memory storage platforms allow users to store their pictures and share them instantly, but none of them have yet been able to recreate childhood memories.


Fandora came to be through a project to redesign the next piece of trash that was thrown out – for me, this was a cardboard monitor box. I began by exploring the question, “How might we re-experience our favorite childhood memories as an adult?” After undergoing an extensive process involving the creation of 100 idea sketches, 3 business models, 10 public campaigns, and 1 mobile application, I developed Fandora as it stands today. A previous version of the project included the creation of a social media platform that allowed people to keep their photos and videos in a safe and personal space. The design process pushed me to challenge my concept and move further by researching new technologies and reimagining my concept of a fantasy world powered by artificial intelligence.